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Case report on lithium intoxication with normal lithium levels.

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Lithium might increase how long muscle relaxants workTaking lithium along with muscle relaxants might increase the effects and side effects of muscle relaxantsSome of these muscle relaxants include carisoprodolSomapipecuroniumArduanorphenadrineBanflexDisipalcyclobenzaprinegallamineFlaxedilatracuriumTracriumpancuroniumPavulonsuccinylcholineAnectineand others.

Driving forces behind the surgeKen-Ichi Hinoan analyst with Cleantech Groupsays there are several factors in play:

Lithium is one of several lithium-ion battery materials with potential supply-chain challenges that could affect the growth of the electric vehicle and stationary storage markets.

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chronic toxicity occurs in patients receiving chronic lithium therapy 3 .

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